John Waterhouse – Playwright and Author


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Aegean Gold

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Amy is on a backing-packing trip around the Greek
islands with three friends. The holiday goes great until
she encounters Nigel and Mark, two adventurers in search
of stolen Nazi gold.

The girls soon find themselves entangled with Felix
Rhoeme, a powerful businessman who will let nothing
get in the way of his diabolical plans. A life and
death race across the Aegean ensues in a race to
unravel an ancient mystery.

Forest of Destiny

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Jenny is a go-ahead sales executive and a chance meeting
during a sales visit to Germany leads to a small part in
a film being made in Munich. Abducted from her hotel,
Jenny is taken to into the Bavarian countryside where
her abductors turn out to be her guardians.

Jenny now finds herself framed for murder at the film
studios and a sinister secret society wants her dead
as she is suddenly thrust into a life and death world
of intrigue and the occult.

The Malta Project

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Jenny is back in Manchester after being kidnapped
framed for murder in Germany whilst a call from a German
living in Manchester claiming to have been held captive
himself by the same organisation who had framed her, leads
Jenny back into to confrontation with the Occult, neo-Nazi

A massive international conspiracy aimed at infiltrating
the upper echelons of European power has been set up in
Malta and Jenny is once again locked in a life and death
struggle with the Odinerbund.


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Pamela has been invited on a ski trip her sporty friend
Chantelle to Pamporovo in Bulgaria. A suave young man called
Jim seems to be just another holidaymaker but he has a secret
reason for travelling to the Balkans.

A skeleton has arrived at Ploviv University, claimed to be that of
a vrkolak, a Bulgarian werewolf, alleged to have magical powers.
Inevitably, it comes to the attention of an organised criminal gang.
The Skiing holiday soon becomes a struggle for survival in the
Balkan mountains against the elements, the Bulgarian Mafia and a vrkolak.

The Virago Ladder

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Advertising Executive Kate Holden has overcome every
challenge on a demanding development weekend. Kate’s
boss Felicity reveals that the weekend was actually
a selection process to see if she should be invited
to join a secret organisation, providing personal

Kate is soon initiated into the mysterious world of Virago,
a exclusive organisation strictly for women who want to ‘get on’.
Virago women help each other climb career ladders and eliminate
rivals through a system of favours known as credits.


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Following two bizarre deaths bearing the hallmarks of
sacrificial murder, Investigator Steve Chapman has
acquired inside information about occult groups in the
North of England. A young woman called Bobby contacts
Steve, claiming extensive involvement with a satanic
society but is only prepared to meet in Germany’s Black

In Germany, Bobby drives her car deep into the woods and
kills herself in a horrific inferno, leaving an obscure
suicide note. Steve soon finds himself in a quest to
break the diabolical plans of an evil occult group.

Emotional Battles

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Louise was looking for something to spice up her marriage
to James and noticed an advertisement in the local library
by an English Civil War re-enactment society The couple are
soon dressing in seventeenth century costumes and meeting
new people.

After being accidently knocked to the ground, Louise is helped
up by an enemy soldier who turns out to be her former fiancé,
the vibrant and unattached Peter. Louise finds her feelings
for Peter rekindled and realises she is at a cross-roads.