Moon Quest

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John Waterhouse Comedy Plays - Moon Quest

An out-of-this-world 60’s style sci-fi comedy!

A two-act play for two men and four women, with some doubling-up.
Genre: Sci-fi fantasy-comedy.
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Synopsis: Gabi, ace pilot and intrepid spacewoman, is sent to Mars to try to find the lost space explorer Steve Morris. After apparently crash landing on Mars, she meets a strange Moon-based race called the Curians who are in conflict with the planet’s other moons.

An insurrection is being planned by an Amazonian people who capture Gabi and before long, she is locked into the civil struggles of an alien race, and still no closer to finding Steve Morris.

Review comment
“Visually the play worked well and supported the parody of this genre. Moon Quest has a well-thought-out plot line written in a style that parodies earlier sci-fi plays.” – Viv Marriott, Official Reviewer Moon Quest at Buxton Methodist Church, Buxton Festival Fringe.

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