A Gladiator on the Town

A rollicking farce of life and love in Ancient Rome!

A two-act play for three men and three women.
Genre: A farce, set in Ancient Rome.
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Synopsis: Marcus, the former Gladiator,is now established as an olive farmer whilst Livia, his headstrong young wife, is a successful horse breeder. A mysterious trader from the East called Serapas seems to be unusually interested in the possiblity of exporting Livia’s horses.

Claudia, a glamorous merchant from Rome seems to interested in more than Marcus’s olives and then an attempt is made on the life of Gallus, Livia’s father and magistrate of Ostia. Is everyone all that they seem to be?

Review Comment
“The chemistry on stage was fantastic and the audience was hooked from beginning to end. A fantastic two hours of theatre… a truly enjoyable piece of work” – Large Manchester on A Gladiator on the Town at Salford Arts Theatre.

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John Waterhouse