A Gladiator in the House

A lively domestic comedy, set in Ancient Rome!

A two-act play for three men and three women with some doubling.
Genre: A comedy, set in Ancient Rome.
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Synopsis: Gallus, a retired commander in the Roman army, has just been appointed the new magistrate for the town of Ostia when confronted with the news that his wife Pulcheria is an escaped slave and the ownership of her has been acquired by a money lender who desires Livia, his daughter.

Livia’s eyes are on a famous gladiator whom she helps to escape and presents to her father as a merchant. Gallus has less than two days to find a way of avoiding losing either his wife or daughter whilst Livia must find a way to blend her gladiator into society and avoid her mother, Pulcheria, finding her a ‘respectable’ husband.

Review Comment
‘A fun night out’ Not Part of Festival Official Reviewer

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John Waterhouse