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Moon Quest

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Luke Luke Richards Nici Nici Preston Ryan Ryan Clarke Kerry Kerry Eli

Charles Lloyd Charles Lloyd, Director
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Gabi, ace pilot and intrepid spacewoman, is sent to Mars to try to find the lost space explorer Steve Morris. After apparently crash landing on Mars, she meets a strange Moon-based race called the Curians who are in conflict with the planet’s other moons. However, there is an insurrection being planed by an Amazonian people who capture Gabi and before long, she is locked into the civil struggles of an alien race, and still no closer to finding Steve Morris.

Premiering at the Buxton Festival Fringe and Manchester Festival Fringe in July 2018.

‘Moon Quest’ is in the tradition of classic 60’s and 70’s sci-fi fantasies, including ‘Barbarella’, ‘Star Trek’, ‘Flash Gordon’, ‘Star Wars’, ‘Star Crash’ (if you’ve never seen this film, you really should check it out) and even Hammer Film’s venture into sci fi, ‘Moon Zero Two’. This promises to be a fun show which might also give some food for thought.