Secret Female Societies.

The Secret Male-Only Society has existed for centuries, notably with the Freemasons and the lesser-known Bavarian Illuminate. Other secret societies such as the Rosicrucians are known to allow both male and female members.

There is a long tradition of female-only froups in literature and mythology, starting with the Amazons and continuing into some examples of feminist utopias. However, female-only societies have actually existed for a long time as well and some are believed to continue to this day. One example could be Seichim.

Seichim is an ancient mystery system of profound knowledge that has been developed and perpetuated by a mythical group of women called the Sisterhood of the Rose.

The key aspect, and the basis of the learning of the Sisterhood, is its link with antiquity, wisdom and knowledge and with the foundations of universal law. Members of the Sisterhood of the Rose were and so some say, still are, wisdom keepers.
Seichim is linked with the Goddess energy and with the divine feminine in its many forms.

Particular forms of the Goddess energy, which are directly connected with Seichim, include the energies of Isis in Egypt and many people are initially drawn to making an Egyptian connection. This is often only the first step as other archetypes emerge to help with the journey. Kwan-Yin and Kwaneen are two forms of the Goddess of Mercy in the East, both of whom are predominantly Goddesses of Mercy.

A process has been termed “The Goddess Walk” representing the mother Goddess, or the feminine ray of energy. The wise woman form of the Goddess helps to bring an understanding of the mystery of Death and of Life itself and the way in which life is preserved through death. The Goddess holds the key to eternal wisdom and so the practice of seichim, the art of the Goddess, brings with it a key to truth, trust and wisdom.

The rate at which truth, trust and wisdom are absorbed depends on the rate at which the individual can integrate the experience into daily life in a practical sense. The Sisterhood is also closely linked with the devic, faery and elvin kingdoms.

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John Waterhouse