John Waterhouse – Playwright and Author

Shadows of a new dawn


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Based on the writings of Evamaria Kuchling-Marsden.A dramatization of a diary kept by a young woman in Heidelberg during the closing weeks of the Second World War.

The action takes place around the Heidelberg, Germany, between 27th March amd 29th April 1945 (the day prior to Hitler’s suicide). Nazi Germany was on the brink of collapse with the allies closing in from all sides. Evamaria Kuchling was seventeen and realised she was living through one of the most most defining periods of human history. It was a time of great uncertainty, with the paradox of wanting your country to be free of an evil tyranny whilst having little idea of what life be like under occupation by the victorious allies. Evamaria decided to record both her thoughts and the events in her life from the anxious waiting period for Germany to finally fall through to living alongside the Americans.

There are reflections on feeling both an identity of being German and also part of humanity; there are observations of the confusion, misinformation and propoaganda of living under the Nazi regime, of living under the eyes of the secret police and security agencies (including a two-week period where Evamaria was held for questioning by the Gestapo) and pictures of people and experiences in her life, both good and bad. It is a journey from hope to fear.