John Waterhouse – Playwright and Author


A few reviews of various productions:-
“A very funny tale with an eclectic mix of characters and a lot of strange goings on at Sids “hotel” where a very stressed out couple Terry and Angela try to relax with great difficulty.
A great script with lots of humour delivered effortlessly by a small but perfectly cast company at Monifieth Theatre”. Noda Region 2  on A Very Scottish Play at Monifeith Theatre,
A3 Poster 300[304750] “Visually the play worked well and supported the parody of this genre. Moon Quest has a well-thought-out plot line written in a style that parodies earlier sci-fi plays.” – Viv Marriott, Official Festival Reviewer on Moon Quest at Buxton Methodist Church, Buxton Festival Fringe.
New - Dancehouse - small “an enjoyable romp that brings a light, comedic and occasionally ribald touch to the issues it seeks to comment on” – Manchester Evening News on Game of Souls at The Dancehouse, Manchester.
Gladiator Town_a3_AW “The chemistry on stage was fantastic and the audience was hooked from beginning to end. A fantastic two hours of theatre… a truly enjoyable piece of work” – Large Manchester on A Gladiator on the Town at Salford Arts Theatre.
Andalucia “A thoroughly enjoyable play and a must see if you are looking to escape after a busy week!” – Helen Ball, Chief Executive, The Civic; Barnsley on How to relax in Andalucia
10299931_603451776425115_6655350072644967357_n “A modern version of an old fashioned ‘laugh out loud’ British comedy, with plenty of innuendo and hilarious visual gags” – Emma Thompson, Official Festival Reviewer on The Toad Society at The Hydro, Buxton Festival Fringe.
How-to-relax-in-Amsterdam “A side-splitting comedy to have you laughing all night long” – Salford On line on How to Relax in Amsterdam at Salford Arts Theatre.
Andalucia “the audience did laugh loads, as I did. I went to be entertained and to have a laugh, which I certainly did” – Manchester Salon on How to Relax in Andalucia at Buxton School, Buxton Festival Fringe.

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