John Waterhouse – Playwright and Author

Game of Souls 2015 tour

New - Dancehouse - small

‘Game of Souls is an enjoyable romp that brings a light, comedic
and occasionally ribald touch to the issues it seeks to comment on’
Manchester Evening News
‘This is a musical play with something serious to say about life’
Roger McCann, manager at the Lowther Pavilion Theatre
‘The backdrop of the play is rather profound, the delivery is
delightfully light-hearted, sending up the self importance of the
characters acting out their roles with some great camp humour
that could be from a 70’s sitcom.’
Manchester Salon

The play was performed at the following venues during May and June in 2015:- The Empire Theatre (Blackburn), The Lowther (Lytham), The Plaza (Stockport) and the Dancehouse (Manchester).

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