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Bespoke Scripts

Scriptwriting Service – Superb Bespoke Scripts written to your specific requirements!

If you have any needs regarding a bespoke play, require a script for training purposes or are interested in commissioning a new work, I can write a custom script for you, tailored to your requirements. 

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Some examples of commissioned works:-


The Waiting Room

Some years ago, I was asked to write a play for the Salford Arts Theatre Youth group and the result was The Waiting Room which went onto to be successfully published by Lazy Bee and performed by Youth Theatre companies in Lisbon (as ‘A Sala de Espera’), Luxembourg and Oxfordshire.

Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter came to be written as a commission for an old lady whose mother had written an extensive memoir about her own early life in Manchester in the early years of Twentieth Century, with instructions for the document not to be read until after her death. This time capsule revealed a difficult childhood during a dramatic time in British history which was crying out to be dramatized.

What goes on in the Pantheon

In 2019, I was invited by Dave Samuels, Assistant Director of the Helen O’Grady Theatre School in Malta, to write a comedy play based on Greek mythology and the result has been What goes on in the Pantheon which is planned to be performed at the Helen O’Grady School as well as going to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2021.

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