John Waterhouse – Playwright and Author

Poynton Festival

I live on Poynton which is just in Cheshire on the border with Greater Manchester.

I am on the local Town Council where from time to time, we’ve looked into the possibility of staging a Poynton Festival, potentially on similar lines to those of other festivals held annually such as in Bollington and Macclesfield.

A decision has now been taken to look at the possibility of a Poynton Festival in more detail and I have undertaken to contact local organisations and businesses with a view to ascertaining what facilities and/or events could potentially be organised. No dates have been considered at this stage and it is thought the earliest time a festival could be scheduled for would be from April 2023, although more likely May or June.

There is obviously no commitment required from anyone at this because  I am just  looking for expressions on interest from anyone who would be potentially interested in contributing to a festival in Poynton. This could range from performing a one-act play to a poetry reading to a musical recital or possibly an alternative type of contribution (I am open to suggestion!).

 I can be contacted via my Town Council e-mail address but tend to send more regularly see e-mails to my personal address

I look forward to hearing from you,

Kind regards

John Waterhouse

Poynton Town Council

Tel. 01625-879508