John Waterhouse – Playwright and Author


The Company is part of Helen O Grady International Drama Academy based in Malta. The Company was founded by UK Actor / Director – David Hirst Samuels who previously directed plays by John Waterhouse and co-founded ‘Shot in the Dark’ Murder Mysteries.

The Company is for talented 13-18 year old actors from the Helen O Grady Academy who wanted to pursue a career in performing arts.  Each week the students of The Co study and practice the various foundational theories of performing arts and produce their own shows and performances.

Over the past year the students have been studying scriptwriting and devising a show called ‘As One’ which should have been performed in June 2020. Unfortunately, due to Covid 19 the show had to be cancelled.  This then gave the students time to look at various scripts and they particularly enjoyed reading ‘The Waiting Room’ by John Waterhouse and even had a Q & A session with John.  From then the students have been looking at the structure of the script, the characters and concepts within it and have decided to use it as a basis to explore the concept of Life on Earth, Afterlife, Heaven and Hell. 

“The students have been totally inspired by The Waiting Room and have started to write a scene by scene adaptation of the script with 14 characters. The scenes are wrote each week and then performed and so far 8 scenes have been written – The scenes move and beautifully connect between Earth, Heaven and Hell and the concept like the original will see an angel and dead friend return to Earth in various guises. The Company would sincerely like to thank John for first inspiring the students and for sharing his wonderful play with us. Afterlife’ the adaptation is dedicated to him.

Dave Samuels
Helen O’Grady Drama School