John Waterhouse – Playwright and Author

‘Adieu Adieu’ six years later!

I received a curious call last week from a village hall community in Summerset.
Apparently, they bought a license in 2015 to perform my murder mystery ‘Adieu Adieu’ (which is in no way whatsoever influenced by ‘Allo Allo’ even if it is set in a rural French cafe harbouring allied airmen during World War Two, where the propietor is having an affair and trying to avoid the French resistance).
The producer had promised to reveal ‘who dun it’ to the rest of the cast at the final rehearsal but he died before then so the production never happened.
Now a new producer has tracked me down to get a copy of the ‘reveal’ final act and six years on, the murder mystery is finally going to happen by Zoom 🙂