John Waterhouse – Playwright and Author

Preparing for the next show.

We live in unprecedented times and this applies possibly more to the theatre than any other industry, being essentially based on crowding people together in a stationary position. However, for amateur theatres in particular, the current periods of self-isolation and/or lock down could present unprecedented opportunities.

For play selection committees, has there ever been a time where so many potential plays can be read or evaluated? For Web hosts, has there been a better period for updating and developing the theatre website? It’s also a period for actors to take a step back and perhaps research their craft or learn more about theatre in general. More time is also available for Props Managers and Directors to search for those hard-to-find items via e-bay and gumtree.

When the nation (and the world) eventually emerges from this current difficult period of closure, it could be the start a golden time for local theatre. With the main summer festivals largely cancelled (including Edinburgh) perhaps it could provide an opportunity for local theatres to shine, maybe putting on extra shows or possibly allowing opportunities for fringe performers to display their wares, with theatres creating their own mini-festivals.

Keep active and busy whilst you stay safe; here’s to when the curtains rise again.