John Waterhouse – Playwright and Author



Pamela has just broken up with her boyfriend when her sporty friend Chantelle suggests they go on a ski trip to Pamporovo in Bulgaria. In the hotel bar, a suave young man called Jim seems to be just another holidaymaker looking to improve his skiing but he has a more serious reason for travelling to the Balkans, following the arrival at Ploviv University of a recently a discovered skeleton,claimed to that of a vrkolak; a Bulgarian werewolf. Jim knows of certain individuals who will go to any lengths to acquire the skeleton because of its alleged magical powers but the skeleton has also come to their attention of an organised criminal network in Bulgaria, who specialise in illicit artefacts.

After bad weather makes skiing at Pamporovo impossible, Pamela is thinking of spending the day with Chantelle and Yane, their ski instructor then Jim offer to take them all on a day out to the mysterious mountain Buzluzdha, where the ruins of the monolithic communist party headquarters create an eerie presence on the summit. Jim has a secret reason for wanting to go to Buzludzha but certain other parties are already ahead of him and the holiday soon becomes a struggle for survival in the Balkan mountains against the elements, an evil occultist, the Bulgarian mafia and a vrkolak.