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Murder Mysteries

John has written scripts for both ‘Shot in the Dark’ and ‘Red Herring’ murder mystery companies, offering a wide range of exciting murder mystery events for hotels, golf clubs, social clubs and related venues.

    Murder Mysteries written for Shot in the Dark include:-

Titanic -Voyage of Death (Titanic theme)
For your thighs only (James Bond theme)
Murder in the Gallery (Art world theme)
Night of the dead (Halloween theme)
Click here For ‘the Shot in the Dark’ page.

    Murder Mysteries written for Red Herring Games include:-

Murder at Chizzlepoke Hall (1930’s theme) click here
A Rum Murder (Pirate theme) click here
Adieu Adieu (WW2 – occupied France theme) click here
The Secret of a Vampire’s Crypt (Halloween theme) click here