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Game of Souls 2015 tour

May to June 2015

New - Dancehouse - small

‘Game of Souls is an enjoyable romp that brings a light, comedic and occasionally ribald touch to the issues it seeks to comment on’ Manchester Evening News

‘This is a musical play with something serious to say about life’ Roger McCann, manager at the Lowther Pavilion Theatre

‘Whilst the backdrop of the play is rather profound, the delivery is delightfully light-hearted, sending up the self importance of the characters acting out their roles with some great camp humour that could be from a 70’s sitcom.’ Manchester Salon

See You Tube clips below

Dancehouse 1 GoS-Blackburn-15-1024x685
Photographs Maggie Malone Click here

GOS-Blackburn-7-1024x685 GoS-Blackburn-17

Blackburn Empire 22nd May

Blackburn 1 GoS-Blackburn-17

GoS-Blackburn-15-1024x685 GOS-Blackburn-14-1024x685

Stockport Plaza 28th May

Stockport 81610943_10153210191630901_4247207753664605448_n

Stockport 4 Stockport 5

The Lowther Pavilion 29th May

Lowther_-007 SONY DSC


The Dancehouse, Manchester 13th June

Dancehouse 1 Dancehouse 4

Dancehouse 5 sm Dancehouse front

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