John Waterhouse – Playwright and Author

Emotional Battles


A short story.

Louise had been looking for something to spice up her marriage to James and
an advertisement in the local library by an English Civil War re-enactment society seemed to offer the ideal solution, giving a reason to go away at weekends, develop a common interest and for Louise at least, indulge her love of history. After a little persuasion, James agrees to join and soon the couple are camping in a field, dressed seventeenth century costumes as they meet new people from around the country. Having previously play rugby, James found himself naturally fitting into the role of a pikeman, crashing into opposing soldiers whilst holding 16’ wooden staves, whilst Louise dresses as a musketeer, involving light physical contact with their enemy, the Roundheads. After being accidently knocked to the ground, Louise is helped up by an enemy soldier, who turns out to be her former fiancé Peter, unattached and vibrant. As James spends time in the beer tent, Louise finds her feelings for Peter rekindled as they keep bumping into each other and realises that she is at a cross roads.

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