John Waterhouse – Playwright and Author

Aegean Gold

Aegean Gold red [3020893] sm

Amy, Irene, Becky and Suzy are four twenty-something actresses, looking forward to a relaxing two weeks back-packing together around the islands of the Aegean. After not getting off the boat in time at Paros harbour, Amy is cut off from her friends for an evening, during which, she meets an enchanting traveller from Germany called Gunter. Felix Rhone, a very rich German businessman is cruising in the Aegean in his 78m ocean going yacht which serves as a floating headquarters for a clandestine international network of key business and political figures. For years, Rhone has been planning a conspiracy with the power to infiltrate the entire world order and the time has now come for his protégé, a young banking executive called Heinrich Swartz, to be activated and initiated into his inner circle. Mark and Nigel are two unemployed, small time criminals whose latest get-rich quick scheme is to scuba dive in search of lost treasure. A chance meeting with Gunter, who is an occasional scuba diver, on the island of Mykonos, reveals the story of Max Merton, the governor of Salonica in Northern Greece during the Second World War. Merton had appropriated from the Jewish community 50 cases of Gold, valued in the year 2000 at around $2 Billion.

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