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‘A Gladiator on the Town’ review.

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Salford Arts Theatre

Rating: 4/5
Review By Andrea Roveri

Marcus is a former gladiator who now lives in the small city of Ostia to sell olives and live with his wife, Livia, a horse breeder. Livia’s father is Gallus, a minister in the city of Rome near the end of his mandate and on the verge of becoming a councillor.Livia is sure that Serapas, a visiting merchant, is trying to assassinate him. Her attention is diverted by Claudia, a trader who seems very interested in Marcus. But nothing is at it seems.

A Gladiator On The Town is the sequel to John Waterhouse’s first play A Gladiator In The House and is a truly enjoyable piece of work.

The story is easy, but like in any good old comedy, there are a lot of twists and turns that make the ride interesting and entertaining.What makes this play on a different level though is its fantastic cast.

All five major characters are interesting, well written and splendidly brought to life by the different actors. Especially worthy of mention are Rachel Horley with her portray of fiery and independent woman Livia and Barrie Ryan English for making Serapas such an enjoyably inept villain.

The chemistry on stage was fantastic and the audience was hooked from beginning to end. A fantastic two hours of theatre.

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